Monday, July 4, 2011

Semi-Related Post

My dad just sent me, and the rest of my family, a story via email entitled Juggling and Ponds.  He had a couple points to make, but one of them was that he can't do everything at once, or as I read it, I can't have everything at once.

I look forward to summer in Edmonton all year.  I love being outside in short sleeves and enjoy the sunlight 16 hours a day or more.  There is also a sense of excitement in the air, as people come out of their homes and enjoy each other and the weather.

However, with all of these exciting things, one thing I do not like is re-signing our lease.  There are many things that I like about our place and in a lot of ways it has become our home.  However, there is something about it that I'm just not fully content with and I think I know exactly why.  I want a home, a place to really settle, a yard to call my own.  I also find myself daydreaming of a having a dishwasher and washer and dryer.

The trouble is, Edmonton's housing/rental market is ridiculously high and it just doesn't fit into our current budget.  Ian and I, however, inevitably find ourselves looking on rental sites, talking with people etc... to see if there are any better deals out there that have exactly what we want for exactly the price we want it for.  But, we have come to learn it most likely is not going to happen.  

This almost frantic searching for the "perfect" place is so fruitless and always leaves Ian and me a bit depressed.

So, when I read my dad's story I was again reminded that I can't have everything at once.  We can't have our "dream" place while Ian is working on his PhD to pursue his passion to teach, while at the same time I enjoy being a mom and staying home part-time with Ruth.  It will just have to wait. And in the meantime I'll just have to count my many blessings.

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