Monday, July 4, 2011

How's it going?

In one quick sentence, "Things are well."

Summer is here, green is everywhere... what more could one ask for?

Oh, sorry you meant how is my year-without-new going?  Yes, that is going well in the fact that I haven't bought anything new (except I did buy a little soccer ball for Ruth, after not finding one at the second hand kid's shop).  However, I am having the itch to buy new and buy a lot!

Every so often, although I'm not a big spender and quite frugal, I have the desire to buy a new wardrobe, buy new furniture and buy whatever my heart desires.  It doesn't happen too often or seem to last very long, normally just long enough for me to occupy myself with something else, hopefully a bit more important.  However, I must confess it does happen.  You might not guess that I care about these things, since I am certainly not the most stylish of my friends (although I would rate myself moderately stylish) and I have socks and clothes that I got in high school (that I still wear).  Our apartment is also filled with mainly used stuff or give-a-ways and is modestly decorated (mostly due to our move).  

To some this may be very normal and you might be thinking "big deal", while others may be thinking "you definitely need to update some of those things."  So, why am I mostly content, while at other times feel the desire to revamp, redo and redress?  Well, I guess it's because I am human and not always do I feel content.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we had two weddings to go to this summer and I really wanted to have something new and exciting to wear.  However, I quickly remembered new was not an option for me and I would have to find something out of my closet or take the time to search a used store.  I didn't have the time to look at any used places, so I looked in my closet.  I had a couple of dresses that would do, but to tell you the truth, I wasn't too excited about any of the choices.  However, I went with one dress I had bought in college and another I bought just last year.  And as you've probably already guessed, Ian and I had a wonderful time at the two weddings and I didn't think about my outfit once while we were out.  I even had several people complement my decor. 

Refraining from the urge to buy what I don't really need is not always what I really want to do, but often it is the best idea and the most rewarding in the long-run. 

More to come...more for me to learn.

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