Friday, April 22, 2011

Ian's Birthday

My husband's 30th birthday was just this past Friday and we had a great time celebrating.  However, I realized quickly after thinking of what I could get him for his birthday, that whatever I bought him would also have to come under the category of used. 

Now most of the time it is not quite acceptable to give someone a used gift.  I have always kept the tag attached to the gifts I've given (with the pricetag removed), so that if there was ever a doubt as to if the item was used, it would quickly be dispelled.  So buying a used gift, even for my husband seemed a bit odd.  I also didn't have much time, so I was a bit nervous that I would end up just buying him junk in place of a real gift.  However, after thinking of the possibilities of what I might find, I got excited and headed with Ruth to the local thrift shop.

While we were driving to the shop I thought how it might be nice if I found a nice mug for Ian.  He really likes coffee and we have only a few mugs, after selling most of ours prior to our move.  I also thought, "wouldn't it be great if they had some sort of dad themed mug that Ruth could give him?" Although I knew that at second hand shops it is normally luck of the draw what you end up with, I still had hope.

As fate would have it,  they did have a mug and wouldn't you know it was perfect!  The mug was white with colorful lettering that said "world's greatest dad!"  I picked it up right away and was really excited to see that it was only 50 cents!  I do have to say, it was a bit odd picking up a mug that had originally been bought for another dad.  However, it really is true, Ian is a wonderful dad! 

Next, I looked at the sport coats.  Ian has one that he wears quite frequently at school and has mentioned it would be nice to have a few more.  There were some nice looking ones, however they were all X-L and certainly would not do.  So, I kept looking around.

I soon came to the game isle and found two things that I thought would be great for Ian.  One was an old Monopoly game.  The box was a bit haggard, to say the least, but all of the pieces were there and it would still provide a fun night with friends or just the two of us.  Then I found a plastic zip-lock bag which held 3 wooden peg games, along with the pegs and a pair of dice.  Looking at this zip-lock bag I smiled thinking of Ian playing these games, trying to become the master of these simple, yet difficult to conquer games.  One of them, which was shaped like a triangle and reminded me the most of the ones you see at Cracker Barrel, was called Bible I.Q. game and each peg had a bible verse written underneath it.  I thought "what a great gadget for an Old Testament professor's desk!"

I also picked up a bundle of colored pencils, held together by by a rubber band, that were in quite good condition.  They would be a necessary tool to make Ian's birthday card, since neither could I buy him a card, nor did I have any of my old art supplies (also sold in our move).

I headed to the counter happy with what I had found and sure Ian would enjoy the gifts.  The cashier was busy with a lady looking at watches, so I looked around from the counter.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a silver pot on a metal frame.  I knew right off the bat it was a fondue pot, something I was sure Ian would love.  I walked over to have a better look and was surprised to note that it was also in very good shape.  So, without hesitating, I picked it up and added it to my pile.

When everything had been rung up, the lady said "$7.10 is your total."  I liked that, but also liked what I had gotten.  For me, it was the best of both worlds.

When I got home, I wrapped Ian's gifts with birthday wrapping paper I had at the house and put some in used gift bags left over from Ruth's baby showers.  Some of the tissue paper I found was pink, and the two bags I found were green and yellow.  I even found yellow ribbon, which added a nice touch.

Ian and I ended up having a great time on his birthday and I think he enjoyed opening his gifts, which were probably more than he had received on his birthday in a long time.  Our friends watched Ruth and we had a nice dinner out.  Then we came back and enjoyed a very delicious chocolate fondue with bananas and strawberries.

I'd have to say, buying used for my husband's birthday was a success.  Now I just have to see how I am going to swing it for two upcoming baby showers and two weddings.  :)

Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey Sally,
    This is a great blog--I'm excited to read it this year. Your description of wrapping Ian's presents made me laugh because that's how Jon and I usually wrap each other's presents. One Christmas we didn't have any tissue paper, so we used stuffing from my craft box. We don't do this because we are trying to not to buy new...we do it because we're usually too unorganized to have anything to wrap in!